William Higgins – Valer Starek – MASSAGE

Valer Starek looks so good as he strips down to his underwear and lays, face down, on the bed to await his massage. The masseur arrives and soon gets to work, taking oil into his hands and massaging Valer’s shoulders. The oily hands glide over the shoulders as the msssage begins. The neck is massaged too as Valer relaxes and enjoys it. Taking more oil, as needed, the hands work the shoulders and each of Valer’s arms is bent up his back in turn to aid the massage. Then the back is massaged as the hands work lower down.

They glide all over the back soon reaching Valer’s underweaer too. The long strokes slide up and down the back and onto the top of the ass. Fingers slide into the underwear as the hands do their job. Then the underwear is lowered to reveal the sexy ass. The hands, with more oil, run over the ass cheeks, coating them nicely. Then the underwear is removed completely and more oil is applied to the ass as it is massage. Moving down to Valer’s feet the masseur uses a lot of oil and massaged deep into the soles. Then it is back up to that sexy ass.

Valer’s legs are spread and his cock and balls are pulled back between the thighs. The ass cheeks are spread to show off the tight hole as the ass is massaged. More oil is applied to the ass and a hand reaches down to gently rub the cock and feel the balls. Oil is squirted onto the cock as it is wanked. Valer’s ass lifts off the bed as he enjoys his cock being wanked. The ass cheeks are spread again and fingers rub over the tight hole. A finger slips into that hot hole and pushes deep inside. The finger is pulled out again and the ass cheeks are spread wide. Then the finger goes in again and begins to fuck in and out. Valer Starek takes the action in is ass very well as the finger opens it up.

He moves onto his knees and has more oil rubbed over his sexy ass. The cock is pulled back between the legs to be wanked as the balls are held in the other hand. That cock is wanked back between the legs for a while and then Valer’s hole gets fingered again. One finger goes deep and then two really stretch the tight hole as he fuck all the way inside. Then the fingers are removed and the cock is wanked again. As the cock is wanked a finger fucks Valer’s hole again too.

Then he turns over, onto his back, and his cock is wanked some more. The balls get so tight at the base of the shaft as the cum builds up. Then the hot cum shoots onto Valer’s sexy body as the wanking gets even faster. His cock is milked dry and a hand rubs all over his sexy chest to complete his massage.

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