William Higgins – Str8Hell – Tadeas Hospodar – HOT ASS

Tadeas Hospodar is on his knees, with his hands shackled behind him. His sexy ass and the hot hole is exposed as a helping hand starts feeling him. The hands grab Tadeas’ cock and balls and then feel the sexy ass. Oil is applied to that ss too and Tadeas’ cock is wanks back between his legs. Tadeas struggles against his shackles as his balls are rubbed.

Then a vibrator is rubbed over his hot ass hole. Soon that toy is pushed into the hole, which opens eagerly to accept it. The toy is shoved deep into the ass and then is fucked in and out. That hot hole takes it very well as the toy is worked deep inside. The cock is wanked too as the toy fucks Tadeas hot hole. Soon a much larger toy, in the form of a black ass plug, is presented to the hole. The hands work it in and out of the hole, going deeper all the time.

Tadeas Hospodar hole opens wide as the plug goes deep inside. Wider and wider that hole opens until the plug is all the way in. The cock is pulled back thru Tadeas legs as it is wanked hard. The balls are squeezed too as Tadeas works his ass muscles to eject the plug. Then he is turned over, onto his back and with his legs up. The eager hole soon gets more as that plug is shoved all the way in again. The cock is wanked more too as the plug stretches the hot hole. Then the plug is removed and Tadeas wanks himself as his hole is fucked by a dick on a sitck. The big dildo is pushed so deep into the eager ass hole, fucking and then pulling out again.

Tadeas Hospodar keeps wanking as his ass his worked so well. Then the plug goes in the hole again and a hand takes over wanking on the stiff cock. Tadeas wanks himself again as the plug is worked in and out off his ass, forcing the cum from his dick.

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