William Higgins – Str8Hell – Istvan Rat and Max Fillipi RAW – YOUNG OFFENDERS

Max Fillipi is in charge of security and he has a very hot culprit to deal with, namely Istvan Rat. Apparently Istvan has been caught stealing a tee shirt. Istvan, of course, denies it. So Max insists on searching him. Istvan stands and Max’s hands run all over him. He takes off his tee shirt and again the hands feel him. Then Istvan has to remove his pants too and Max feels him through the underwear.

That has to come off too, according Max and eventually Istvan complies. Fully naked he has his bag checked too and the tee shirt is found. Istvan admits stealing it and to avoid police involvement he agrees to do things. The first is to suck on Max’s cock. That cock is pulled out of Max’s pants and soon Istvan’s mouth is being fucked by it. He moans as that stiff cock works his mouth. He keeps sucking on the rock hard cock as Max takes starts to strip off.

Max Fillipi pulls the head onto his throbbing cock, then he stands Istvan and bends him over. The hard cock slides deep into Istvan’s ass and starts to fuck hard and fast. Max slaps the ass too as he pounds Istvan’s tight hole. He grabs the hips for extra leverage too as he slams his dick in as hard as he can. Istvan takes that cock so well, reaching back to pull on his ass to spread it wider. The big cock fucks him so well. Then Max sits on the chair and Istvan climbs up to ride on that rock hard cock. His hot asshole slides up and down on the cock taking it deep inside. MOving again Istvan lays on his back, with his legs up, to get that dick in his hole as he wanks himself.

Max pounds the hot hole as Istvan wanks hard. He keeps wanking until his cock releases the hot cum while he is being fucked. Then Max pulls out and dumps a huge load all over Istvan’s hot body too.

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