William Higgins – Sasa Jelinek – EROTIC SOLO

Sasa Jelinek is aged 20. He lives in Tabor and is currently employed as a motor mechanic. In his spare time h e enjoys sports, jogging and volleyball. He sits on the end of the bed and does his interview. Then, following instructions, he kneels on the bed and takes off his tee shirt. That reveals his slim build. He stands and removes his shorts too, exposing an already swollen cock.

Reclining on one elbow Sasa Jelinek takes hold of his cock and starts to wank it. The dick gets hard in his hand as he wanks himself. Laying back he lifts his legs and shows off his feet and his ass hole as he keeps wanking on his dick. The balls are tight at the base of his shaft as he wanks while pulling on his ass to stretch his hole too. Then Sasa uses both hands to spread the ass even wider. To show that ass even more he turns over, onto his knees and bends over.

He wanks his cock down between his legs as he also spreads his ass as wide as he can. He turns over and wanks on his cock again. He lays back and keeps wanking hard until the creamy cums is expelled onto his belly. He milks that cock dry and then gpes off to the shower to clean up.

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