William Higgins – Rafael Micka – EROTIC SOLO

Rafael Micka is aged 25. He lives in Tabor and is a student. In his spare time Rafael enjoys sports, boxing and fitness. He looks great as he sits, cross-legged, on the bed and does his interview. After relating his experiences and fantasies Rafael lays back and starts to feel over his clothed chest. The tee shirt rides up a little as he feels.

Then he raises it more, showing his rock har nipples in the process. Rafael takes off the tee shirt and continues to rub his chest. He also reaches into his jeans to grope his cock. Then he opens the jeans to gain better access in hjis underwear. He gropes that cock and the balls in the underwear. Then he takes off the jeans and lays back to continue groping himself. Then he pulls the dick out of the leg of his underwear. He grabs that fat cock and start to wank it. With his cock hard he takes off the underwear and continues to wank himself.

As he wanks his leg are wide apart showing his hairy ass crack. Then Rafael lays back and raises his legs to show off his hot ass hole, as well as the soles of his feet. He reaches down to spread the ass cheeks. He rubs his hole too as he also wanks his cock more. When he reaches down to spread that ass the hole opens up too. Then he turns over, onto his knees to show that ass some more. He wanks his dick too and then reaches back to spread the cheeks wide. Moving again he reclines on one elbow as he wanks hard on his dick. Soon all that wanking sends the cum flying out, onto the bed. Then, after milking himself dry he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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