William Higgins – Michal Stranik – MASSAGE

Michal Stranik is due for a massage. He strips down to his underwear and lays, face down, on the bed. The masseur arrives and gets to work, having taken som oil into his hands. The hands begins to massage Michal’s shoulders and then his neck as well. The tousled-hair Michal is relaxed as the hands work on him. They glide over his back as the shoulders are massaged.

The neck is worked deeply too. Then each arm, in turn, is bent up Micha’s back as the shoulders are massaged. Then the hands move lower down the back, as it becomes coated in oil. The hands slip into the waistband of the underwear too as the lower back is massage. Michal’s ass cheeks are rubbed too as the hands reach into the underwear. Then the underwear is pulled down to reveal that sexy ass. More oil is used to coat the sexy ass cheeks as they are rubbed. The cheeks are squeezed too.

Then the underwear is removed completely. More oil is rubbed over the ass and onto Michal’s thighs. The hands work down his legs too and soon reach the feet. The feet are coated in oil and massaged deeply. Then Michal’s legs are spread wide, exposing his cock and balls and his hot little ass hole. Oil is dripped onto that hot ass and rubbed over it. The oil is rubbed over his cock and balls too. The ass cheeks are spread wider to show off his tight hole. A hand reaches down to gently wank the cock as well.

A finger is rubbed over the tight hole too. Then the finger begins to probe that hole. It pushes in and gently fucks the hole, working deeper inside. Soon that finger is knuckle-deep in the hole as it fucks in and out. Michal Stranik moves onto his knees and the hands rub over the ass. The hold the balls and pull Michal’s stiffening cock back between his legs. That cock is wanked as the balls are rubbed too. The the hot ass hole is fingered some more. The finger works that tight hole as his cock is wanked.

A dildo then appears and is rubbed against the hole. A thumb opens the hole wider as it fucks inside. Then the dildo presses against the hole and pushes into the tight hole. It goes into that hole, being pushed deeper and deeper. Then the toy fucks Michals’ hole as his cock is wanked as well. That ass is fucked deep before the dildo is replaced by two fingers in the hot ass. Then Michal Stranik turns over onto his back. His sexy body is oiled and then his cock is wanked again.

The balls are rubbed too as the cock is wanked hard. Soon the hot cum is released from his cock as it is wanked so fast. Every last drop is milked from that dick as Michal relaxes after cumming.

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