William Higgins – Leon Lovric – EROTIC SOLO

Leon Lovric is aged 22 and he lives in Prague. He is a student who enjoys sports, football and volleyball. Sitting on the sofa he looks good as he does his interview. Then, explaining that he is a little nervous, Leon stands and removes his tee shirt to reveal his sexy chest. He responds to a request and flexes his biceps.

Then he takes off his shorts, revealing his cock and balls as he poses for the camera. Leon takes hold of his cock and starts to wank it. The cock gets hard in Leon’s hand as he wanks on it. Leon sits on the sofa and rubs his chest as he wanks on his stiff cock. The cock stands proudly to attention as Leon wanks on it. He then moves down a little and raises his legs to show off his ass and his tight hole. That hole looks so inviting as Leon Lovric pulls on his ass with one hand and wanks himself with the other.

Then he uses both hands to stretch the ass wider as that tight hole is shown off perfectly. Then he lowers his legs and wanks his coco to shoot a nice big load of creamy cum. After milking his cock dry he goes off to the shower to clean up.

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