William Higgins – Karel Pechan – MASSAGE

Karel Pechan is due for a massage. He looks so good as he strips down to his underwear, showing off his sexy body. Then he lays, face down, on the bed. He is joined by the masseur who takes some oil into his hands and begins his work. The hands slide over Karel’s shoulders and begin to massage them and the neck. Karel is relaxed as the hands run over his hot body. His arms are each bent up his back to allow the shoulder blades to be massaged as the hands also work down his back.

As the hands work on the lower back they reach into Karel’s underwear too, and onto his ass cheeks. The underwear is pulled of the ass, revealing the hairy butt cheeks. More oil is used as the hands rub over that sexy ass. The hair gets coated in oil as the cheeks are squeezed. Then Karel’s underwear is removed and it is time to massage the feet. More oil is used as the feet are rubbed and then massaged deeply. Karel’s legs are then spread wide and oil is dripped over his hairy ass. The cheeks are spread to expose the hairy crack and the tight hole. His cock and balls are exposed and a hand reaches down to rub them. Oil is dripped into the hairy crack and the cheeks are parted to show off the hot hole. Karel’s cock feels a hand rubbing it too before that hole is shown again.

A finger rubs over the tight hole and then Karel is moved onto his knees. That spreads his ass cheeks and his hole has more oil dripped on it. The oil runs over his balls too which are held up as his cock is wanked. Then the hands spread the ass wider and rub that hot hole. The cock is wanked more too by the oily hands, getting rock hard in the process. Then fingers rub over the hole and one probes it, pushing in a little way. That finger pushes deeper into the tight hole and then comes out again. Karel’s cock is wanked more and then released again as the hands move back to the hairy ass. Karel’s cock is rock hard from all the attention. He turns over and lays on his back and then has more oil dripped over his cock and balls.

The oil is rubbed over his sexy body and then his cock is wanked some more. That wanking gets very fast and keeps going until Karel’s cock shoots strings of creamy cum all over the place. His cock is milked dry to complete a very good massage.

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