Twinkloads – James Clark – Greg Riley Bottoms- Encounter 1

Twink James Clarke invites his bubble-butt client Greg Riley to strip and lay on his massage table. While the twink digs into Greg’s muscular back with his oiled up hands, he gets himself half undressed as well. He’s especially taken by the size of Greg’s ass, and while he’s ogling it, he starts squeezing a hard on through his shorts. It’s just too inviting. James steps out of his shorts and releases his long, thick cock.

When he steps up to work on Greg’s shoulders, his hung twink cock lands on the back of his client’s shaved head. Greg Riley reaches forward to grip the boy’s big meat and then sits up to suck him while holding the twink’s nuts. He must like what he’s tasting because sucking James’ cock is enough to make the man moan.

In a TwinkLoads first, our twink decides he wants to suck his lucky bottom before getting into that ass. James has Greg sit on the edge of the table to get easy access to the man’s hard cock. Greg raises an eyebrow and says, “You wanna fuck me?” James pulls himself from Greg’s cock to give a breathy, “Yeah,” and Greg gets on all fours on the table.

James presses his big dick against Greg’s tight hole, and the man sighs as James tests his limits. Soon Greg Riley is moaning as James thrusts all the way in. Greg looks back at the twink stuffing his hole and agrees to let James record the encounter on his phone. Seeing his cock on screen gets James thrusting faster.

James gets Greg to lie flat on the table, and with his back arched, Greg’s ass looks even more inviting. James starts piston fucking Greg with a rhythm that keeps Greg moaning and giving satisfied exclamations. James finally pulls his big meat out of Greg’s tight ass and shoots a big creamy load all over the man’s back.

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