MilitaryClassified – LAYTON

Today I met a very hot straight Marine who is stationed here locally at Camp Pendleton on the north end of the base which is about 20 minutes from my place. Layton is from the mid-west with a conservative personality which showed in his shyness. I responded to a post he placed online looking for females and when the conversation was over I had Layton in my bedroom naked ready to get serviced by a guy for the first time.

Layton was a tall Marine with a smooth tan body that only a farmer could sport. I had him sport his desert cammies for the shoot and I have to say I was turned on like never before. I sat him down on my bench in front of my bed and gave him a brief synopsis of how it would go down. I could tell he was nervous about the whole thing because it was new to him and he really didn’t know what to expect.

I asked him all kinds of things about women and how he likes to fuck them and he lit up like a fire when the subject of women came up. Next I had him strip down to his birthday suit and stood him up so he can face fuck me and show me just how he fucks. I have to say that even though his cock wasn’t huge, he still managed to choke and make me gag. He drilled my mouth and took the back of my head with his hands and continued to ram his cock down my throat to the point where even he had to back off or he would let it go.

I sat him back down on the bench with his legs spread and his hand behind his head. By how he was worn down and I had complete control of his cock and he knew it! He completely submitted to me because he was now aware that I was going to make him cum hard. I continued sucking his cock and now used my hand and mouth together as a lethal combination to get this boy to nut.

Before long, Layton started to increase his breathing and start panting as he whispered to me that he was getting close. I knew that if I continued my pace I would have a mess on my hand and that’s exactly what I wanted. Layton gave me the second warning and this time I knew it was time and within seconds Layton began to deliver a 22 year old nut that literally blew me away and I caught it all on tape! Check it out!

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