Incident #334 – Just Deserts – Masyn Thorne

Some residents are always getting into trouble, not because they are by nature evil or bad people, but because they lack impulse control and basically have fried each and every brain cell they used to have. Unfortunately for these folks, justice is blind, and the punishment is going to be coming regardless of malice aforethought. The phrase Just Deserts means, literally “the punishment that one deserves.” Here at the House, we believe wholeheartedly that all these fuckers deservce each and every punishment they get, and this guy deserves is all.

Since the guy is obviously a perv, it wasn’t a stretch to get him onto the Manager’s dick (again). He sure did like that vacuum hose, but the other hose, in our opinion, was more useful as a teaching instrument. Soon he was being slapped around and cock-gagged. Then he was face fucked. And after that, a good long pounding in many positions. The more he whined and cried, the more it seemed to turn our House Manager on, too. By the end, he was spreading his quite red cheeks to expose an even redder blown out asshole. The Manager covered that in cum, and called it a day. Justice is served, here at the House, with a side of sperm.


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