HelixStudios – Buenos Aires Tango Boys – Part 2 – Three for Tango

We continue walking through Buenos Aires, visiting the most beautiful places in the city. Three friends of different nationalities enjoy the walk while they learn to dance a little tango, a typical dance of the Argentine tradition. Who said you can’t dance in threes? The new variant is called trio … Felix and Giorgio dance tango while Tommy watches them from the armchair, but things quickly turn up and the three of them begin to dance naked.

Tommy kneels down and sucks the other two’s penises at the same time, savoring the cocks inside his mouth, and painting his lips with the tips of huge members. Next, Tommy gets Giorgio’s cock while he sucks on Felix’s. Giorgio, seeing that the enjoyment of the passive is so great, decides to try too and sits on top of Felix, who receives him very hard sitting on the couch, when he puts his cock he starts to jerk him off hard and Giorgio is ecstatic with pleasure.

As in tango, everything is shared and there are many ups and downs typical of dancing, Tommy also penetrates Giorgio from behind, who receives his penis with his ass well dilated and prepared. The back and forth of this trio is impressive. While he is getting sex, he sucks Felix, who can’t take any longer, a giant sucker that bathes him in semen. Then the other two finish. They end up kissing each other, in a triangle of Latin tango passions.

In the next episode, the stakes are raised even higher, two couples exchange with each other to live the experience of the quartet, while they get to know the city. All this and more, in “Swinger City”.

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