Dmitry Osten – MILKING MEN

Dmitry Osten is always so horny. His big dick is hard in he pants as he sits in the chair groping himself. A helper arrives and starts feeling Dimtry’s chest. Dmitry rubs the helper’s arm, encouraging him. The tee shirt is pulled up to show Dmitry’s sexy chest as he keeps groping himself. The tee shirt is removed and the chest is rubbed all over. The pants are opened and pushed down.

The bulging underwear is rubbed by the helper as Dmitry leans back enjoying it. The underwear is bunched around the big, hard, cock. Then that big cock is pulled out of the underwear to be gently wanked. The big nuts are released too and felt all over. Dmitry’s cock is wanked hard as he squirms in the chair. That underwear is the removed so that Dmitry is fully naked as his dick is oiled. That slickly coated dick shines as it is wanked. The balls are coated in the oil too. That big cock is taken to the edge as it is wanked, with Dmitry barely able to control himself.

The wanking is hard and fast and then slows down to prevent him cumming. That cock head is rubbed and then the balls as well. Wanking the cock and stopping keeps it right on edge. Dmitry loves the feeling and tweaks his nipples too as he squirms with heightened pleasure. His dick is slapped too and wanked with two hands. Then Dmitry’s legs are raised, exposing his hot ass hole. He reaches to wank himself as his hot hole is rubbed and coated in oil. A finger probes the hot hole as the big dick is wanked more. That finger works deeper into the hole, fucking in and out.

The cock is wanked so hard and fast too as the tight hole is fingered. The cock is wanked hard as a thumbed gets fucked into the ass hole. Then Dmitry stands up. He plays with his nipples as his big cock is oiled more and wanked again. His legs tremble as the cock is taken right to the edge. The balls get nice and tight too. Finally, as that big cock is wanked fast Dmitry is allowed to cum, the thick cream being released as the dick is milked dry.


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