Dmitry Osten – HELPING HAND

Sexy Dmitry Osten sits on the arm of the sofa, rubbing his clothed chest as he smiles at the camera. A helping hand arrives and begins to fondle the chest. The tee shirt is raised as that chest is rubbed. Then Dmitry takes off his tee shirt and lays back to enjoy all the attention. His pants are groped and a hand reaches inside too. Then the belt is opened, as are the pants, revealing the underwear.

Dmitry lifts his hips so the pants can be removed. His boxers are rubbed, and pulled to bunch the contents. Then a hand reaches into the boxer and gives a brief show of Dmitry’s cock. Then underwear is the removed, fully exposing his cock and balls. Oil is rubbed over the cock which is then gently wanked. The oily dick is wanked as the balls are cupped too. Both hands are used to wank the cock as it gets nice and hard. The balls tighten too as the cock is wanked. Dmitry’s legs are the lifted to show off his hot ass and his inviting hole.

Oil is rubbed over the hole as he holds his legs up. He wanks his dick too as he feels the fingers rubbing his hot hole. A finger probes the hole and then pushes deep inside. The cock is wanked too as the finger fucks into the hole. Dmitry wanks himself as his ass hole is worked by the finger. Then he lowers his legs and his rock hard cock is wanked more. Dmitry turns over, onto his knees, presenting that hot ass. It is spanked and then more oil is applied. Dmtiry wanks himself and then gives way to the helper to work his dick and his hole too.

That cock is pulled back and wanked as a finger fucks his hot ass hole. Then Dmitry turns over again and sits up. His cock is oiled more and wanked again. As it is wanked hard that cock releases the creamy cum, with Dmitry moaning in pleasure. The tender dick is milked and rubbed and the balls are caressed too as Dmitry lays back and relaxes.


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