Corbin Fisher – ACM2707 – Chris III

When you first start watching Chris’ introductory solo, you’re going to notice how he seems a bit shy and nervous. He certainly can be, depending on the situation. But when it comes to sex? Chris is not even remotely shy or nervous. When he was out here to film his solo, he went along with me to run a couple quick errands and at the grocery store he saw a girl he went up to and hit on! When he gets to talking about sex, you can see his energy and enthusiasm pick up as the topic alone is enough to get him more animated.

Chris has a super hot body – the result of devoting a whole lot of time to working out and staying in shape. The one problem he’s had with working out, lately? He got banned from his local gym for having sex with a girl in one of the tanning beds! That’ll do it!

Chris is one of those guys who’s recently had an impressive “glow up” – formerly small, skinny, and a bit of a wallflower, all of the working out he’s been doing has him looking super hot and has given him the confidence to go out and get laid as much as possible, wherever possible, and also come to CF to show off to all of us!

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