ChaosMen – 2691 – Chris Denny and Rico Fatale RAW

Chris Denny and Rico Fatale are buddies and both need to shoot a load. Rico loves taking a huge dick up his ass, and Chris loves to fuck a tight hole, so the two meet up every now and then to get some much-needed release.

We find Chris and Rico on the sofa making out and feeling each other’s packages. Rico strips off his shirt and Chris pulls down his shorts to reveal his hung, uncut cock. Rico gets to work expertly licking and sucking Chris’ cock before moving between Chris’ legs and continuing.

Rico moves up onto the sofa on his knees and peels away his jeans. Chris Denny lays back and sucks Rico’s dick while playing with Rico’s nipples and stroking his own cock. Rico lays forward and the two get into a modified 69 position so that Chris has access to Rico’s ass. Chris slaps and massages Rico’s ass while stroking Rico’s cock before the two peel away the rest of their clothes.

Rico leans against the back of the sofa so Chris has better access to his cock. Chris throats Rico’s dick and continues to play with his own cock… he knows what he wants to do next and he wants to make sure his dick is hard and ready.

Rico climbs on top of Chris into a reverse-cowboy position and lowers his hole down onto Chris’ dick, slowly enveloping it entirely. Rico bounces on Chris’ shaft for a while before Chris takes over and starts jack-hammering Rico’s hole. You can tell Rico is really enjoying it.

Rico flips around into cowboy position and continues to bounce and grind on Chris’ cock, occasionally stopping to pull it out and slap it against his hole with a satisfying “thud”. Chris never forgets Rico’s dick – as Rico grinds, Chris Denny reaches up and strokes Rico.

Rico moves into a doggy position over the arm of the couch and the two continue fucking as Chris Denny pounds harder and deeper. We get some great undershots of the action as we watch Chris’ fat dick plunge in and out of Rico’s hole.

Rico flips onto his back and takes some more pounding before the two move into a spoon position. Chris fucks Rico from behind until Rico blasts a load all over his stomach. Chris climbs on top of Rico, then leans back as Rico strokes Chris’ load out all over Rico’s chest. Rico takes the last couple shots in his mouth, then cleans off Chris’ cock head. How thoughtful!

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