ChaosMen – 2679 – Dillon Diaz Solo

Dillon Diaz is feeling flirty, so he’s come in to share a load with us. Dillon starts by giving a candid interview, revealing that he loves junk food, or any food really, but he’s able to counteract those calories and keep his body tight by working out as often as he can. It helps that he actually enjoys working out. Must be nice!

Dillon Diaz slowly removes his clothes and shows us his favorite ASSets, jiggling his booty for the camera before lubing up his cock and stroking himself until he’s fully-hard.

Since Dillon loves food so much, it’s appropriate that we’re filming in the kitchen today. Dillon lays back on the granite countertop and plays with his hole before getting on his knees to stroke his dick some more.

As Dillon gets close to climax, he plays with his nipples, massages his taint, and the blows a thick load all over the countertop before scooping some up and tasting it.

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