ChaosMen – 2666 – Mike Branco and Vitali Kutcher Serviced

Mike Branco and Vitali Kutcher are buddies with… benefits, and Vitali could really use a good BJ right now.

Mike and Vitali start making out on the couch before getting a little bit more comfortable. Both quickly get shirtless, and then Mike helps Vitali strip off the rest of his clothes, exposing Vitali’s uncut cock.

Mike Branco gets to work swallowing and throating Vitali’s dick, which responds quickly. Vitali throws his head back and allows himself to enjoy an expert dick sucking.

As the two get even more comfortable, Vitali places both hands on the back of Mikes head and proceeds to fuck Mike’s throat, then the two peel off what’s left of their clothes before Vitali stands up and continues to skull-fuck Mike’s mouth.

Vitali feels himself getting close to blowing his load, so the two try a couple positions before Vitali gets up on his knees and jerks off until he busts his nut all over Mike’s face. Mike happily licks up the leftovers…

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