ChaosMen – 2659 – Finn Harper and Tom Bacan Serviced

Tom has an unquenchable thirst for cock, and Finn Harper is happy to oblige. The pair start making out on the sofa before Tom peels away Finn’s T-shirt, revealing Finn’s lean, toned, and smooth swimmer’s body. Tom teases Finn’s dick through his tattered jean shorts while Finn licks and bites his DSLs.

Tom kisses his way down Finn’s smooth chest until he reaches Finn’s uncut cock, which Tom expertly begins to work. Like most uncut guys, Finn loves to have his foreskin pulled back so that Tom can lick, suck, and tease Finn’s sensitive head.

Tom positions Finn up on his knees on the sofa so that Tom has full access to Finn’s furry ass. Finn loves having his ass eaten, and Tom loves to eat ass – you can tell that Finn is really enjoying himself as Tom tongue-fucks him, spreads his cheeks, and reaches around to milk Finn’s cock.

Finn Harper stands against the wall and instructs Tom to get on his knees and suck his dick. Tom gets into position and deep-throats Finn’s cock until Finn takes over and starts to throat-fuck him.

As Finn approaches climax, he lays back on the sofa so that Tom can continue worshiping him with his mouth and hands. Tom builds Finn up to an explosive ending as Finn shoots ropes of cum all over his stomach.

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