ChaosMen – 2607 – Daniel Dean and Tony Romero Serviced

Daniel Dean has done some sex scenes before, but he still seemed a little nervous, and well, inexperienced. I started this video with a side-by-side jerk-off.

They jerk-each-other for a bit, then Tony slides down and starts sucking on Daniel. Daniel is not sure what to think, but he eventually chills and gets in to it.

Tony got up on his knees so that Daniel could get on the floor and suck Tony’s dick. I figured this would be a great position for him to suck dick in, and he does a great job.

They guys 69-suck for a bit, then move back to watching porn.

They race to cum on each other. Daniel cums first and didn’t quite get the distance he did the day before during the solo. Tony cums too, shooting mostly on his own thigh. We tried!!

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