ChaosMen – 2562 – Kyle Wyncrest and Sebastian Hunt Serviced

I had told Sebastian Hunt that he would be playing with Kyle Wyncrest, and he seemed excited, but a little worried about working with a straight guy. I suspect mostly because he thought there would not be any chemistry. I informed him the night before that that would most definitely not be an issue.

Sure enough, he met Kyle the next day, and he was a little surprised at how handsome he was in person, and his friendly energy put his mind at ease.
Once they were in the room, they both played with their own cocks, getting themselves hard and ready to go. Sebastian slid down first and started sucking on Kyle.

In fact, the first part of this video is Sebastian servicing Kyle. I nudged them a bit to make sure Sebastian was getting some love too. After a quick make-out session, Sebastian laid on his back, while Kyle got in the best position to suck cock and play with his own.

Sebastian Hunt is a Top, and he loves to rim, so he was also eager to attack Kyle’s hole with his tongue.

They sucked each other 69-style. Before the shoot, Sebastian Hunt said he wanted a facial, and I chimed in that it would be hot to see a load in his ginger beard.

Kyle stands over him and unloads. This immediately triggered Sebastian to bust his own load!

I really loved working with Sebastian, and am eager to see him back ASAP!

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