Bring Me a Boy – Daddy of My Dreams – Curtis Cameron x Eric Lenn

A boy needs a little discipline, especially when they don’t clean their rooms before school. But waking up my stepson, Curtis, was harder than I thought. When I pulled back the covers, all I could see was his morning wood trapped in his pants.

I asked him what he was dreaming about, knowing it was me. It didn’t take long before my hands were groping his stiff dick. I had to have my mouth on it and pulled his night pants down. I sucked on his cock, knowing that he wanted mine more, so I gave it to him. My boy knows just how I like my cock worked, and he didn’t disappoint daddy at all.

Felt even better when I fucked his tight ass. I love how Cutis takes my cock, and I made sure to treat it right. I drilled his ass until cum spewed out his dick, followed by my seed flowing down his throat.

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