Boys Halfway House – So Much To Work Out – Legacy

It is truly baffling how people think that opening a window and smoking out of it is a good way to evade detection. Besides an obvious lack of knowledge about airflow, it also indicates a sort of laziness. Why not go for a quick walk? Why risk getting caught, especially at the Boys Halfway House? Well, for whatever reason, this dipshit caught caught in short order, and he paid the price.

The House Manager has some brief words, and only encounters some seriously defensive attitude, coupled with entitlement. At least this resident has the good sense to know that a BJ and offering up his ass can get him some reprieve. He has so much to work out, but in the meantime the Managers are going to at least enjoy a hole to dump some cum in. After some serious dick munching, our wayward resident winds up on the bed with his bubble butt out for a full inspection, which is followed by a complete and total pound down. He certainly takes to being being barebacked well, it’s a shame he can’t get the rest of his life together. Well, an ass covered in creamy cum is a start, that’s for sure!

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