BadPuppy – Bennett Anthony And Bentley Michael

Fellow Badpuppies, this week’s trade is a hot scene with Sean Duran and Bennett Anthony from the wonderful folks at zBucks and DudesRaw. Here’s how they described the video: Playing doctor with Sean Duran is a hot treat; he may, at one time, have been real-life boyfriends with Bennett Anthony.

Here to do an “internal” exam on Bennett’s butt buddy, Sean feeds his mouth with Bennett’s cock before Bennett Anthony bends him over. Using his tongue, Bennett gets a good taste of Sean’s beautiful ass; Sean really is as tasty as he looks. Sliding into Sean, he works himself onto Bennett’s cock and immediately begins to moan, “oh that’s good.” Changing up the speed and position, they manage about 20 minutes of hard fuckin’ before they both blow; Bennett makes Sean shoot out his load while Bennett massages from the inside.

Blowing onto Sean’s hole and pushing some in for later, Bennett’s jizz is as hot as the man in front of him. Bennett has worked “long and hard” with Sean; these two pair up so nicely we had to have them on DudesRaw and now, Badpuppy.

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